The REDBIRD is a single engine low wing monoplane airplane, available in different configurations (CS-LSA and UL versions).

The forward tricycle landing gear is available in both retractable and fixed configuration.
The airplane is capable to accommodate two seats including pilot, with a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg. The maximum takeoff weight is 472.5 kg (including ballistic parachute) for UL versions.
The airplane is equipped with a Rotax 912 ULS/S engine and a two blade MT-Propeller MTV-1 propeller


The A/C structure, primary and secondary is manufactured in pre-preg, autoclave, carbon fibre composite.
The metallic mechanical parts are made from chromium-plated 4130 steel and 2024/7075 aluminium alloys to ensure strength without sacrificing performance.

Cabin comfort

One of the major strong points of the REDBIRD is the wide and ergonomic cabin.
Access is easy via the large canopy that allows a good pilot visibility in the frontal and lateral direction.

Standard Equipment

The following equipment come standard for each REDBIRD version:
– EFIS system (GRT Avionics series Sport)
– Transponder GTX 328
– Emergency Location Transmitter (ELT)
– Analogue altimeter, airspeed and magnetic direction indicators
– Electronic Flap controller/indicator
– Electric pitch, rudder and aileron trim controllers and indicators§
– Electric fuel pump
– Fuel Quantity indicator
– 12 Volt, 18 Amp battery
– 14 Volt, 42 Amp alternator
– Ammeter
– Stall warning system
– Annunciation lights
– Strobe and position lights
– Landing light
– First aid kit
– Ballistic parachute*

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Specifications Redbird

Specifications Redbird
REDBIRD an aircraft family with several structural configurations
Flight School
Military: screener/primary trainer
Main features
tractor single engine
retractable landing gear
two seats (including pilot)
maximum take-off of 600 kg.
primary and secondary structurein Carbon Fiber Composite
Dimension Span (overall) 8.53 m (27 ft 12 in)
Length (overall) 7.30 m (23 ft 11 in)
Height approx. (overall) 2.40 m (7 ft 10 in)
Area 10 m2  (107.6 sqft)
Cabin Volume 1.9 m3   (67 cu ft)
Luggage Volume 0.3 m3   (10.6 cu ft)
Engine Rotax 912S2
Take-Off power 100 HP
Manufacturer MT
Type Electrically controlled variable pitch propeller
Number of Blades 2
Design MTOW 600 kg  /1323 lb
Operating MTOW 600 kg  /  1323 lb
(472.5 kg /  1042 lb for UL version)
Maximum baggage load 30 kg  /  66 lb
Manoeuvring Load Factor 4.4/-2.2
Cruising speed(75% MCP, 5000 ft) 120 Kts / 222 km/h(117 Kts / 217 km/h for UL version)
Max Level speed(MCP, sea level) 130 kts / 241 km/h(125 kts / 231 km/h  for UL version)
MAX Rate of Climb@ sea level, MTOW 1100 fpm / 5.6 m/s(1400 fpm / 7.1 m/s for UL version )
Vy 80 kts  (148 km/h)
Vx 65 kts  (120 km/h)
Maximum Operating Altitude 10000 ft
Stall Speed, MTOW
Flaps LDG (40°) 42 kts / 78 km/h
(35 kts / 65 km/h for UL version)
Take-off Distance
Ground Run 150 m / 492 ft(100 m / 328 ft for UL version)
Total Distance 350 m / 1148 ft(220 m / 722 ft for UL version)
Landing Distance
Ground Run 150 m / 492 ft(100 m / 328 ft for UL version)
Total Distance 400 m / 1312 ft(300 m / 984 ft for UL version)
Fuel capacity 110 l
Fuel consumption (@75%MCP) 18 l/hr
Fixed Gear Configuration