OMA SUD presents:

The latest state of the art, innovative, piston twin: SKYCAR

SKYCAR has been designed to be the actual sole multiutility/multipurpose aircraft in the General Aviation High Performance Piston marketplace with a opening bonnet on fly.

The internal layout is flexible and can be changed in various configurations and for different uses such as aero taxi, light cargo, and for special military and civil missions.

Its latest generation 3D Synthetic Vision Digital Glass Cockpit makes flying easier and safer.

The synergetic architecture makes possible: an unequalled cabin volume that provides a top class passenger comfort and the largest baggage compartment in the same class aircraft.

Two tail boom and two engines mounted on the wing in pushed configuration.
less fuel and less D.O.C.



OMA SUD Engineering Team designed SKYCAR with the following key points in minds:

– High Aerodynamic efficiency;

– Top Class Passenger Comfort: more space, low internal noise;

– Flexibility to meet various mission profiles

– Last generation Avionic concepts of Glass Cockpit based on a safer and easier flying.


Experience the exhilaration of flight: fly the difference, fly the innovation, FLY SKYCAR!