v-proietti3Mr. Valter Proietti was born in Rome on 1948 February;
he is married and has got two sons.
He has a degree in Physics Mathematical and Natural Sciences, with full marks and summa cum laude, disputing the following thesis “New data on Selenium Chemistry”.
Since January 1968 he is employed in C.N.E.N. (Center National for Nuclear Energy) for Physic and Calculus Laboratory of Atomic Reactors with the tasks of physical-chemical support at the activities of metals and composites materials researches and xperimentation. He is interested in phenomena of corrosion and of “passivation” of aluminium and its alloys used in reactors manufactures. Since 1969 he started a research activity in the field of chemical and structural analysis of metals and of composites, ceramix and baked clays materials trough electroplating under hard-vacuum, in argon gas known as “sputtering”, employing Atomic Absorbiment and Magnetic Resonance Procedures which allows very accurate analysis levels, million for part (PPM) or billion for part (PPB). On 1971, in order to allow the development of the results achieved trough the patent realization, Mr. Proietti moved to the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory where the analytic methods and the control methods of metallic materials and of iron and aluminium special alloys, of Titanium, of Zircaloy were settled up.
Since March 1980, he is temporarily attached to the Industry, Commerce and Handcraft Ministry as Expert Consultant on the occasion of the creation of the first National Energetic Plan. During his permanence at M.I.C.A. he worked in the General Directions of Energy Head Office, in the Mine Head Office and in the Industrial Production Head Office; he also operated in a very close relationship with Ministry of Scientific Research acquiring a high knowledge about Applied Research in the Italian Industrial Field.
From December 1981 to September 1984, he was in charge as expert consultant in the Ministry of Foreign Affair where he acquired knowledge in the field of Scientific, Economical and Political Relation, bilateral and multilateral, with other countries. He moreover took part in many Italian Official Delegations abroad in activities of economical mixed bilateral and multilateral Committees, especially in the Asian Emerging Countries (China, India, Chorea, Malaysia, Indonesia), in the Arabian Countries (E.A.U., Yemen, Saudi Arabia) and in the Far East Countries, including the ex U.R.S.S., Japan, Australia.
On November 1984, Mr. Proietti gave up the C.N.E.N. and is engaged from Aeritalia (the Aerospace Finmeccanica Company – I.R.I. Group) as Ministries Relationship Manager. After two years he is designated for Institutions Relationship Manager and subsequently, in 1988, Director of Institutions Relationship both National and International (UE, GATT, WTO, NATO, ONU, etc.).

On December 1990, after the merger between Aeritalia (aerospace) and Selenia (radar, electronics), was constituted the company Alenia Spa and after the necessary unifications of the pre-existing structures Mr. Proietti is designated General Manager for Institutions Relationship and for Export Licence; in this position he coordinated the new department activities: Aeronautic, Defence Systems, Space, Civil Systems. Moreover Mr. Proietti had “to ensure directly Alenia’s representation” at the Professional Associations and at the International Organisms, civil and military, in Italy and abroad (AIA, RITAD, UEO, IEPG, NIAG, EDIG).
On February 1995 he became Marketing Manager in the Marketing Direction and Markets Promotion Department; on December 1996, his responsibilities are increased trough the designation as Director of Commercial Activities and Programs Direction of Civil and Military products in the field of: Aeronautic, Space, Radar, Missile.
On April 1999 Mr. Proietti leaved Alenia Aerospace and on June of the same year he constituted the I.T.A.L. Srl a company specialized in trade activities and industrial trading, with the goal to enable the Italian small and medium size company to get in touch directly with international large size companies (Boeing, Airbus, BAE, Aerospaziale, Embraer, Lockheed, etc.).
On May 2003 Mr. Proietti took over OMA SUD, in Capua, soon he set off again OMA SUD in the field of certified General Aviation Aircraft manufacture; OMA SUD became soon a direct supplier of international company like Boeing and of national company like Alenia, Officine Aeronavali, Agusta, Aermacchi and a indirect supplier of international companies like Airbus.
OMA SUD has developed a very innovative and multi purpose aircraft for General Aviation named SKYCAR for surveillance, flight school, VIP transport, medical evacuation, and other use and a new full composite aircraft named REDBIRD for flight school, transport and tourism.
During the 2007 OMA SUD enter the partnership for Mechanical Precision Company and the JV with the bigger Italian company for composite production named ATR Group, specialized for super cars (Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche Carrera, Bugatti, F1, Le Mans, Formula, etc.) for superbike (Ducati, Yamaha, etc.) for Aerospace (Agusta elicopter NH90, A139, A129, AERMACCHI M346, Piaggio P180, etc.) etc.
During the 2012 OMA SUD participate to the tender for the acquisition of all the companies of ATR Group opened from the Minister of Economic Development that was managing the crisis of ATR Group. During December 2012 the ATR Group was acquired by Valter Proietti with 50% of share while the other 50% is of OMA SUD SpA.
Mr. Proietti has held many supervision assignments and it has been in charge of command in many Delegations; as a matter of fact he has been:

• Member of I.A.M. SpA’s Board of Directors, an Alenia Company, on 1984 and 1985.
• Chairman (1989 – 1998) of the Aeronautical Team Work in A.I.A. (Aerospace Manufacturers Associations) formed of all the Italian aerospace manufacturers.
• Member of the A.I.A.D. (Aerospace and Defence Manufacturers Association) Board of Directors (1989)
• Member of the Board of Directors in an Alenia-Alitalia company called S.I.S.A.M. (Italian Company for Mediterranean Air Services) used as fire control service trough Canadian aircrafts.
• Member of the Board of Directors and Vice President of SICAMB SpA, a Macchi SpA Company (Aircraft assembly and ejection seats) ( 1997 – 1999).
• Member of the L.M.A.T.T.S. (Lockheed Martin Alenia Tactical Transport System) Board of Directors in Atlanta – USA from 18.11.96 to 01.04.99.
• Member of the Vulcanair SpA (General Aviation Aircraft Manufacturer) Board of Directors from 10.09.99 to 02.04. 02.
• President of the Board of OMA SUD SpA since May 2003.
• President and CEO of ATR Groupsince December 2012.

He also obtained decorations and signs of honour like:

• Sign of honour Italian Republic Knight, on December 1980, under proposal of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Handcraft in recognition of the special good service in Research and Energy Activity.
• Sign of honour Italian Republic Commendatory, on December 1997, upon proposal of Italian Prime Minister in recognition of special good service in the fields of Industry and of International Industrial Cooperation.