roberto-iannuzzi-wordGraduate in Aeronautical Engineer and PhD in Machine Design at University of Naples Federico II.
Since 1994 operates in the field of General Aviation.
At the beginning I have been employed as Structural Specialist in Partenavia Costruzioni Aeronautiche S.r.l (Naples).
From 2001 to 2004 as Head of Office of Airworthiness (HOAW) in Vulcanair (Naples), in charge of the DO Approval Process (EASA.21J.009), and product certification process (VF600W) and change thereof (P68 series change and Service Bulletins).
CVE for structure and Loads.
From 2005 as HOAW in OMA SUD Sky Technologies SpA (Capua-CE), in charge for the management of approval process of Design Organisation (EASA.21J.257), and Type Certification Process of Skycar (TC EASA.A.563) and successive FAA Validation (TC FAA nr. A63CE).
CVE for structure and loads for conventional and composite primary structures.
I have also been involved as Company Trainer for Airworthiness Rules and Implementing Rules (Part 21) and attended JAA Course and EASA Workshop on Part21-DOA and General Aviation.
Since Nov 2016, I am Head of Design Organisation in OMA SUD.
During these professional experiences I have consolidated wide competences in certification process and design management for GA products (CS/FAR 23 airworthiness rules), Change to Type Design, Service Bulletins management, both with EASA and Foreign Aviation Authority.