MassimoCortucciDifferent engagements:
• Management consultancy: shareholders, Top Manager and Board Members of Aeronautic Company operating in International markets;
• Consultant for Corporate Finance transactions, with particular regard to Corporate merger, Corporate demerger, business acquisition, business complex sales, company rating and evaluation;
• Tax advice, administrative assistance: preparing consolidated financial statementes and National/International fiscal consolidation;
• Preparation of financial reports and financial statements of IAS adopter;
• Expert in IAS/IFRS taxation;
• Tax litigations;
• Finance subsidized project (developing new business initiatives, after business acquisitions or start up phases, using concessional financial resources);
• Statutory Audit;

• MBA – Economics and Business from University of Naples “Federico II”: final grade (GPA) 110/110;
• Chartered Accountant (since 1992);
• Enabling Statutory Auditor (since 1995).