MAY 31 st 2016;
SKYCAR EASA certification for operability at ISA+35.

APRIL 2017
EASA certification of REDBIRD under CS-VLA category is expected in the first quarter of 2017.

APRIL 2012
OMA SUD will be present in large numbers at AERO 2012.
At Hall A7 Stand 201 OMA SUD will exhibit the world premiere of the Redbird, single-engine, two-seat low-wing all-composite aircraft and the SKYCAR SURVEYOR, a latest generation Surveillance Configuration equipped by SELEX GALILEO EOST 46.
Don’t miss the opportunity to meet these innovations, come to visit us!!!
See you at Hall A7 Stand 201.

JUNE 2011
OMA SUD at Cannes Air Show

APRIL 2011
OMA SUD at AERO Friedrichshafen

MARCH 2011
FAA issues Type Certificate number A63CE

Formally closed all requested tests for the FAA SKYCAR Certification Validation Process. FAA Certification is now expected within next months.

December 2010
OMA SUD achieves a basic important milestones having been certified according to ISO 14001:2004 (Environment Management System) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) rules.

JULY 2010
SKYCAR makes its official debut in North America Market at Oshkosh Air Venture.

MAY 2010
OMA SUD INTERIORS division at Aircraft Interiors Expo

APRIL 2010
New INTERIORS DIVISION logo & manufacturing plant has been presented

Certification Process for the SKYCAR aircraft
During Final Certification Meeting with ENAC held in OMA SUD facilities on 17th December 2009 has been closed the long Certification Process for the SKYCAR aircraft…. download

SKYCAR first flight

At OMA SUD Capua Plant SKYCAR runs up its engines for the first time

JUNE 2007
OMA SUD granted DOA – Design Organization Approval (N° 21J257 EASA) by ASA/ENAC

OMA SUD has been approved as Production Organization
(POA – Certificate n° IT.21G.0038) by ENAC on 24.10.2006 according to Part 21, Sez A, Subpart G.

OMA SUD selected by BOEING for the storage and management of long lead raw materials

OMA SUD achieved NADCAP accreditation (certification N. 115653) for surface Enhancement: Shot Penning, Peen Forming, Glass Bead Peening.for the storage and management of long lead raw materials.

OMA SUD obtains a work package relative to two sections of the Upper Deck of the Airbus A380 freighter. The WP consists in the design, common phase (at Hamburg), industrialisation, production and assembly of about 300 parts of primary structure and 2000 components of secondary structure

OMA SUD obtains from BOEING the contract for Tools Storage

Aprile 2012

AERO 2012
Surprise sur le stand d’ OMA SUD avec un biplace còte à còte en composites, le RebBird. La masse à vide annoncèe le destine au marchè du LSA mème si le segment de l’ ULM est ègalement visè par le constructeur de Capua…….


May-June 2012

AERO 2012
Surprise sur le stand d’ OMA SUD avec un biplace còte à còte en composites, le RebBird. La masse à vide annoncèe le destine au marchè du LSA mème si le segment de l’ ULM est ègalement visè par le constructeur de Capua…….


July 2012

Corporate Advertising Campaigns


August 2009

SKYCAR Launches at Paris
from “GA Buyer Europe Digital Magazine”
Mr. Valter Proietti CEO/PRESIDENT of OMA SUD SpA, the italian private medium enterprise general aviation aircraft manufacturer announced at Paris international that they have recelved their first two SKYCAR orders for a total of 6 aircraft…

June-August 2009

El Salòn Internacional de Parìs 2009
from “ALAS”
Revista ALAS attender the 48° Salòn International de L’ Aeronatique et dej L’ Espace in Paris Le Bourget, between 15 – 21June, and celebrating the 100 Years of the French Industry. Here the fact and figures…… .

July 2009

Arrivato in “carne ed ossa” quattro anni dopo (con tappa intermedia ad Albenga) ed esposto all’aperto con gran risalto all’ edizione del Centenario. Le soddisfazioni a Le Bourget non sono mancate a OMA SUD, che ha avuto il merito ……

Aero-TV; OMA SUD's Skycar A Unique Italian Light Twin

Racconti di vita RAI3 servizio OMA SUD SpA 18/04/2010

AVIONEWS interviews Dr. Valter Proietti at Gate XXI

Valter Proietti, presidente di OMA SUD, presenta lo SkyCar ad AVIONEWS Aeroporto di Roma-Urbe 21 gennaio 2010

AVIONEWS interviews Ing. Giuseppe Verde at Gate XXI

Intervista all' Ing. Giuseppe Verde progettista dello SKYCAR. Bimotore costruito a Capua presso stabilimenti OMA SUD in Campania Italia.

OMA SUD SpA SKYCAR Flight Test 12/11/2008

Primo volo dello SKYCAR 21/12/2007 -- OMA SUD SpA --

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