Degree in aircraft construction c/o E. Fermi (Na) 1988-1989

Main work experience
He has held various positions:
– 1990 Oma Sud S.p.A. Production Engineering ;
– 1990-1991 Training Course c / o O.M.A. Foligno in Technical Management as the configuration manager and Production Engineering:;
– 1993-2001 Production Engineering for the aeronautical firm Alenia / Agusta, and program ATR42/72, A-321, B767, B717, NH/90, AMX, DC10/MD11, SUKHOI SJ100, C27J.
– 2002-2008 Participation in the certification process of the POA OMA SUD; construction and certification of aircraft Prototype Skycar
– 2009-2014 Head Of Production Engineering POA with Form 4 ENAC
– 2015 Deputy Production Manager POA
– 2016 Certyfing Staff for the Prototype Skycar
– 2016 Production Manager POA with Form 4 ENAC and Certifyng Staff Skycar airplane