dambrosioBorn in Naples on the 20/03/1974, I graduated in Political Science at the University of Naples “Istituto l’Orientale”. I attendend a postgraduate Master in Management of Human Resources.
I started working in OMA SUD SpA from December 2004, originally as Assistant of Tool Storage Program during which I’ve been engaged in organizing and defining logistic issues and storage and inventory processes for the Boeing’s Company in order to store in a suitable and single warehouse all aeronautical tools of Boeing’s property located in Italy, related to DC9 and B717 programs.
From June 2005 I was appointed as General Affairs Manager, in charge of all legal and company issues, relations with institutions and local authorities.
From October 2008 I was also appointed as Tool Storage Program Manager and, therefore, in charge of following all logistic issues for the inventory and shipment in/out of the aeronautical tools (jigs, stretch forming, stamps, masters, etc.) and raw material for the Boeing’s Company.
On September 2011 I was appointed as Human Resources and Company Affairs Manager, in charge of defining personnel policy, management of employees, guarantee safety of all data and information related to the privacy of the personnel, interconnect with internal and external trade unions representatives, develop data in order to define payrolls.