- Organization and Processes -

Currently OMA SUD has two major core businesses:
– as Integrator for major international aeronautical programs;
– as General Aviation Manufacturer.

OMA SUD is specialized and structured to perform the following activities:

– Design, development and manufacture of equipment for the production and installation of parts for the aerospace industry .
– Design and Constructions of parts and structures for the aerospace industry
– Assembly of structures for the aerospace industry .
– Design, development and manufacture of aircraft dedicated to general aviation .
– Flight Operations activities aimed at the production, testing of general aviation, demonstration activities and training for the OMASUD aircrafts
– Special process of shot peening .
– Aircrafts Line and Base Maintenance.

For the execution of these activities, OMA SUD is committed to the adoption of a Quality Management System (QMS) as an effective tool to ensure full satisfaction of contractual, regulatory and mandatory requirements, in addition to the achievement of continuous improvement performance.

The suitability of its quality management system is certified through the obtaining and maintenance of the following certifications / approvals.

– Certificate of Conformity of Quality Management System n°074-N UNAVIA according to EN 9100:2009, AS 9100C, JISQ 9100:2009 and UNI EN ISO:2008.
[Design , Development and Manufacturing of aircraft ( rating A2/ aircraft below 5700 kg) and and major and secondary composite aerostructures for civil fixed wing aircaft. Mechanical Maching. Manufacturing of airframe parts. Assemblies for aircraft structures]

– Certificate of Design Organization Approval EASA.21J.257 according to EASA Part 21, Section A, Chapter J
[Designing small aeroplanes ( Propeller and Turbocharged aircraft) and changes and repair thereto in accordance with the applicable type certification basis and environmental protection requirements]

– Certificate of Approval IT.21G.0038 of Production Organisation according to EASA Parte 21, Sect. A, Subpart G.
[ * Production of aircraft ( rating A2/ aircraft below 5700 kg: SKYCAR) and related Appliance (C1), Parts(C2) and pre- delivery maintenance (D1).
* Production od composity Assy MLG Door for SCAC Aircraft RRJ-95B (SSJ-100)]

– Certificate of Approval IT.145.0359 of Maintenance Organisation according to EASA Part 145.
[Line and Base Maintenance of aircraft (rating A2/aircraft below 5700 kg: Skycar)]

– Certification of the shot peening process Nadcap N. 6799157641

– Part II Qualifications as supplier of the aeromautical OEMs


Unavia CERT_2016_00074_N

DOA certificate

DOA EASA.21J.257

POA IT.21G.0038_pag1

POA IT.21G.0038
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IT 145 0359 REV 4
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ISO 14001:2004 Certification


OHSA 18001;2007 Certification

NADCAP N. 6799157641-

NADCAP N. 6799157641


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