SkycarEVO First Flight

Capua, November 15th 2016 – 
SKYCAR EVO First Flight

On November 15th at 2.00 p.m. the SKYCAR MSN#1 reconfigured in EVO version has performed its first flight with Chief Test Pilot com.te A. Canetto in command.

The airplane flew for 2 hours from OMA SUD factory near Capua.
The aircraft reached a speed of 140 knots and a cruise altitude of 5,000 feet as pilot tested the twin piston engine airplane controls.

The flight was smooth and no problem was encountered and the aircraft behaves as expected.

The SKYCAR EVO is characterized by winglets and wing extension, new aerodynamically shaped MLG fairing and will have an increased MTOW at 2200 Kg with about 600 kg as useful load.

According to the first measured performances, the airplane has shown a significant increase in cruise speed (+10 KTS compared to basic SKYCAR) and an increase of about 200 fpm in the Rate of Climb respect to the basic SKYCAR.

The aircraft will now undertake a severe and intensive certification flight test program aimed to achieve EASA certification in Q1 2017.

SkycarEVO SkycarEVO
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2016 – an important year for OMA SUD SpA

2016 – an important year for OMA SUD
The 2016 has been an important and successful year for OMA SUD and for the top product SKYCAR.

After having received SKYCAR EASA certification at ISA+35 followed by Type Certificate validation in India and having delivered the first serial airplane to QUASAR launch customer, the end of the year is approached with intensive flight activities for the second serial airplane MSN#4 final delivery to QUASAR and the ongoing certification activities on MSN#1 for the SKYCAR EVO version.


Skycar Technical Type Training Completion

Capua October 10th 2016

On Friday 4th 2016 , the first approved Technical Type Training on Skycar have been completed.
Training duration was four weeks with different intermediate tests.
The course was attended by personnel from our first customer, Quasar Airlines and his contracted Maintenance Organization Shauryia from India.
OMA SUD Engineers in training also attended to the course.

In the following pictures the certificate delivery to the participants by the General Manager Mr. A. Sollo:


The trainees with Mr. Francesco Surace (Maintenance and Technical Training Mgr.) and Mr. S. Femiano (Senior Certifying Staff)


July 4th, 2016

On July 4th , 2016 the Indian Certification Authority DGCA has issued the TC for SKYCAR Operations in India.
This major step for SKYCAR follows a severe airworthiness investigation during which SKYCAR has undertaken several test to demonstrate safe operation at hot temperatures (ISA+35) and is a further demonstration of the full reliability of the aircraft.


JECworld presentato Redbird

Parigi 8.9.10 Marzo 2016 JECworld

Il JEC World è la più importante fiera internazionale a cui partecipano aziende produttrici di materiali compositi. OMA SUD in questa occasione ha presentato il “Redbird”, un aereo con fusoliera e interni in carbonio.


First Serial Aircraft Delivery

First Serial Aircraft Delivery

On August 4th , 2016 the first serial SKYCAR aircraft MSN3 has been delivered by President Mr. Valter Proietti to the launch customer QUASAR AIRLINE represented by the CEO Mr. Rajiv Gambir.


This is an important step for OMA SUD and for SKYCAR that opens new and interesting perspective in fast growing market in India.
The airplane will be operated in INDIA by QUASAR AIRLINE for private commercial transport.

OMA SUD and QUASAR AIRLINE have signed in 2014 an agreement for the sale of 4 airplane’s (2 firm order + 2 options) and QUASAR AIRLINE will act in India as commercial distributor for future SKYCAR sales.